Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Impact of Political Conditions on the National Security of the United States

By bburrell (article link)

Rational observers of the current environment of this country are watching as divisive policies championed by the Obama Administration have torn apart important opinions about what this country should stand for, how our Government should operate, what our Constitution and Bill of Rights mean, and much more. The citizenry is torn apart by who has primary responsibility for the education of their children first, how our healthcare systems should be paid for, what energy policies are rational in a period of extreme recession, who should be relied on to protect this country from its enemies, and much more.

The Obama Administration has for the first time in decades managed to wake the American people from their perennial political slumber, and they have chosen to do this while they try to sell an old standard of invasive big government, whose competency and integrity are both non-existent. They try to sell the American people the idea that they should trust the US Government, which has managed (or better, mismanaged) Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare with a ham-handedness that boggles the imagination, to handle now their national security, their healthcare, their access to affordable energy, the jobs creation process and more.

This agenda is NOT supported by the majority of American people, who want healthcare reform, but not national health, who want cheaper and cleaner energy, but not a fascist energy industry, who want jobs, but not at the cost of the destruction of our capitalist system, and more. The response of our legislators is to go for the big lights, when the dimmer answers are right in front of them. Those answers are to make health insurance competitive on an interstate basis, to make rational tort reform, to seek out affordable energy sources domestically, and to penalize liars.

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