Monday, October 5, 2009

Pentagon sees U.S. defense in 2010 for Iran rockets

By Adam Entous (article link)

WASHINGTON (al-Reuters) - Ground-based interceptor missiles to be deployed in the western United States in 2010 will be able to shoot down long-range Iranian rockets, Pentagon officials said on Thursday, brushing aside criticism of the Obama administration's European defense overhaul.

[…] Pentagon policy chief Michele Flournoy, appearing before the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, said the 30 ground-based interceptor missiles to be deployed in Alaska and California by the end of 2010 will "provide the United States with full protection of the homeland against an Iranian ICBM threat."

Comment: The talking heads tell us don’t worry, be happy. Apparently the US government is concerned enough to put thirty interceptors in the western US. Thanks Carter for giving us the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Thanks US government for allowing North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran to develop nuclear weapons. We should have been bombing their reactors as fast as they could build them.

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