Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why would I think about leaving the USA?

By Manzikert

It starts in the 1990's in the Balkans. Up to then I was probably a typical anti-communist cold warrior conservative. Initially I believed western reports of Serb mass murder of Bosnian Muslims. Talk to any Armenian about genocide anywhere and it will activate his genes. But it didn't smell right. The facts didn't add up. Most of the reports were from outsiders not in the region which didn't jive with reports from UN personnel on the ground. It was then that I became aware of the growing left/islamist/fascist alliance in Croatia and Bosnia, then discovered that it extended into Western Europe, then discovered that it was backed by Germany and the USA(!) This shocked me to my roots. Then they tried the same Balkan routine on the Armenians with CNN mouthing Azeri lies (after the Azeris massacred Armenians in Baku); this was only stopped by Armenians threatening overt physical violence against CNN (note this little known fact). Then the bombing of Yugoslavia (another stab in the back like the crusade in 1204) following by Serbs massacred and the mass destruction of Churches in Kosovo. After 911 I discovered that nearly every US middle eastern studies department has been comprised by the Saudis; graduates now infect all our institutions, state, federal, and private (this is one reason why we were blind to the coming 911; our middle eastern specialists are all dhimmis). Almost every VIP ex-governmental official is on a Muslim payroll, mainly from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia. I almost puked when Bush said Islam is a religion of peace. The icing on the cake was Eurabia by Bat Ye'or and the books by Orianna Fallaci.

By about 2006 I had come to the conclusion that Europe is being lost to Islam and that a new wave of Jew hatred is sweeping the West like in the 1930s. There is even a recent quote from someone that talked to Sarkozy where the latter said that the Islamization of France is inevitable. A big question still remained: what direction will the US take? There are very few Muslims in the US compared to Europe so I had initially thought that Mark Steyn was right that America would hold out alone. The election of Obama has exploded that hope. He and his well moneyed supporters will use every means at their disposal to push our descent into National Socialism and dhimmitude. Step back and think about that election. The republicans run the geriatric idiot McCane and the democrats run the anti-American stealth Muslim Obama. There you have powerful symbolism that shows the psychology of the country and the result of decades of cultural deconstruction. This is not a little bump in the road; this is a five hundred year turn in history.

I am attracted to the idea of having citizenship in one country, my money in another country (or countries), and residence in a third country. We are readying our house for sale and will at least move to a more rural location. Even while remaining in the US for the near term I still want to have a plan to relocate out of the US quickly if necessary. A lot can change for the worse in one or two years and don’t put too much hope on the 2010 election. Before the 2008 election Obama’s supporters said they would do anything to gain power and anything to hold it thereafter, and intended to crush the ability of the opposition to recover for decades. I plan on being prepared for the worst.

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