Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Extinction of Superpowers

Julia Gorin quoting piece by Gregory Copley, director of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy

“Barack Obama took, as he said he would, strong steps to ensure that the US was no longer a dominant - or predatory - global power. That was his moral or political conviction; his vision that the US should no longer [be] the great capitalist superpower. And yet he expects to maintain, as US President, global authority in his own right. This is narcissism on a global scale. Rather than “speaking softly and carrying a big stick,” as US Pres. Theodore Roosevelt advocated, Ohama increasingly carries a smaller and smaller stick, and speaks more and more loudly. What proved to be a successful strategy for Teddy Roosevelt has been reversed by Barack Obama, and will, ipso facto, lead to US strategic decline.”

“This reality has already begun to be proven.”

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