Thursday, November 5, 2009

The liberal/socialist/communist cabal: The Walking Dead

By Manzikert

What we are seeing today in the US has already happened everywhere else in the West where the process is further developed. Do we see even the beginnings of a reversal outside the US? No we don't. Even the conservative parties outside the US have accommodated themselves to the liberal/socialist/communist state. Their only ambition is to get power to rule the roost and tap the money flow.

I am in sympathy with the tea parties and Middle America's resistance to our side into National Socialism, but I am very pessimistic. The liberal/socialist/communist cabal that rules America, the MSM, government, academia, Hollywood, etc., now rules with an iron fist, and intend to this time (unlike what happened in the 1990's) to completely neutralize or destroy the conservative opposition. They will literally destroy the US to gain total power.

This is what we are up against. It is possible that the 2010 election will be like the 1992 election and throw a large number of demoncrats out of office but the momentum of soon to be passed so-called health care and cap and tax and other legislation will not be derailed, legislation that will put the brakes on expansion of the economy and fuel our descent into a greater depression. And as we fight more violently over a rapidly diminishing economic pie these same elites will ‘save us again’, gaining more control over us and lining their pockets in the process. They are more than willing to sell out America to foreign interests, foreign ideologies, and foreign religions, and to enslave their own people. They are the walking dead, trying to suffocate our spirit. But the joke of history will be on them, they can destroy us but they will certainly destroy themselves.

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