Friday, February 26, 2010

Economics and the Health Care Debate

by J. R. Nyquist (article)

The reduction of the citizen to a helpless, dependent creature is now trumpeted as the chief purpose of government. It is logical, as well, that as the citizens are weakened the government is strengthened, and the power of the state eclipses the freedom of the individual. "As long as the problems of socialism were merely a matter of debates," wrote Mises, "people who lack clear judgment and understanding could fall prey to the illusion that freedom could be preserved under a socialist regime. Such self-deceit can no longer be nurtured since the Soviet experience has shown to everybody what conditions are in a socialist commonwealth."

After the government has taken over the management of health care, the socialists will find yet another industry to target. As each sector of the economy is colonized by government, as each citizen is guaranteed free health care, free bread or lodging, the power of the state will grow as the individual withers. The state, said Nietzsche, "is the coldest of all cold monsters." And it was cold comfort to watch this week's healthcare summit on television.

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