Wednesday, March 24, 2010

THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY

By Nathan Martin (full article)

The latest U.S. Treasury Z1 Flow of Funds report was released on March 11, 2010, bringing the data current through the end of 2009. What follows is the most important chart of your lifetime. It relegates almost all modern economists and economic theory to the dustbin of history. Any economic theory, formula, or relationship that does not consider this non-linear relationship of DEBT and phase transition is destined to fail.

It explains the “jobless” recoveries of the past and how each recent economic cycle produces higher money figures, yet lower employment. It explains why we are seeing debt driven events that circle the globe. It explains the psychological uneasiness that underpins this point in history, the elephant in the room that nobody sees or can describe.

This is a very simple chart. It takes the change in GDP and divides it by the change in Debt. What it shows is how much productivity is gained by infusing $1 of debt into our debt backed money system.

Back in the early 1960s a dollar of new debt added almost a dollar to the nation’s output of goods and services. As more debt enters the system the productivity gained by new debt diminishes. This produced a path that was following a diminishing line targeting ZERO in the year 2015. This meant that we could expect that each new dollar of debt added in the year 2015 would add NOTHING to our productivity.

Then a funny thing happened along the way. Macroeconomic DEBT SATURATION occurred causing a phase transition with our debt relationship. This is because total income can no longer support total debt. In the third quarter of 2009 each dollar of debt added produced NEGATIVE 15 cents of productivity, and at the end of 2009, each dollar of new debt now SUBTRACTS 45 cents from GDP!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Obamacare Could Cost Ten Million Jobs

By Robert McHugh, Ph.D
McHugh's Financial Forecast & Analysis
Special update sent to current and ex-subscribers
March 3rd, 2010

An analysis of Obamacare is not a political statement. It is a necessary examination of the largest single spending bill in the history of any nation on earth, ever. It involves $1.0 trillion of spending, a half trillion of new taxes, and a half trillion of Medicare cuts. Of course it will have an impact on the economy, on markets, on the psyche of 300 million individuals in America and many millions of people outside the U.S. Technical analysis is a study of the collective psyche of all participants in all markets everywhere, which manifests itself in chart patterns, which is the language of the markets, telling us where prices are headed next. Fundamental economic analysis is the backdrop for our technical analysis, and this bill has huge fundamental economic and psychological impact. As this bill goes from conversation to reality, we will see the true contractionary power of what has just happened.

A lot of people do not understand that this Health Attack Act is NOT free National Health Insurance. It covers 32 million more Americans because it mandates, i.e. orders, 32 million people who do not have health insurance to buy it.

Here is a fact most folks don't realize: Did you know that 83 percent of all Americans already had Health Insurance coverage before Obamacare was legislated? Yep. The new Obama Health Care Law will spend $1.0 trillion to order Americans to buy health care insurance to get the percentage up from 83 percent to 95 percent. Under Obamacare, at the most optimistic estimates, at the end of the day, there will still be 5 percent of Americans who do not have Health Care insurance.

At least 13 States are about to file a lawsuit against the new Health Attack Law, claiming it is unconstitutional. They will be arguing that it is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to order individuals to buy anything, including health insurance, as this law mandates. Further, they will argue that it is unconstitutional for Congress to fine or tax someone just for living (if they do not purchase health insurance). They will also argue that the new law infringes on each state's sovereignty. The Health Attack Act shifts billions of dollars of costs for Medicaid upon the states, placing at risk a state's ability to provide education, prison incarceration, foster care, and other essential services benefits to residents. The Federal Law, it will be further argued, is forcing states to implement programs they cannot afford. They will argue that Article I of the Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from punishing people for not getting involved in an interstate commerce transaction.

The thirteen states joining the lawsuit so far are Florida, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Idaho, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Washington, Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Barack Hussein Obama and Indonesia: there's no place like home

By Mary Ellen Synon in the Daily Mail (full article) (My Firefox browser will not correctly load this article; I have to use IE to read it)

What we have shaping up, but what the British Government doesn't yet grasp, is that Obama has a conscious policy of down-grading America's relationship with, first, Britain and then with the rest of Europe.

He believes that the US -- yes, his own country -- and Britain, and the leading European countries, too, for that matter, are imperial powers who ruthlessly exploited the Third World for their own profit.

And Obama is America's first Third World president.

[...] His vision is for the US to abandon its Constitution and its laws, which are tied to Britain, the country for which he has shown such disdain.

Friday, March 19, 2010

America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship

Stewart Dougherty

Jan 22, 2010 (full article)

Throughout history, the type of situation in which America now finds itself has been a fertility factory for tyranny. The odds of an outright overthrow of the people by the Washington and Wall Street Axis, or more broadly, the Master Class are increasing dramatically. The fact that so few people believe an American dictatorship is possible is exactly why it is becoming likely.

Dictatorships have blighted history and ruined lives since the beginning of civilization. In recent times alone, tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Ceausescu, Amin, Hussein, Mussolini, Tojo, Kim, Pinochet, Milosevic, Tito, Batista, Peron, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Marcos, Somoza, Mengistu, Bokassa, Sese Seko, Franco, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, and Castro have power-sprayed blood onto the screen of time and ravaged mankind with murder, torture and human oppression. A full catalog of history’s tyrants would require a book of hundreds of pages. In the past 100 years alone, over 200 million human beings have been annihilated by wars, ethnic cleansings and government assassinations. Just when we think that civilization has been able to rise above tyranny’s inhumanity and disgrace, a new dictator appears on the scene to start the process all over again. Every time this happens, fear and submission paralyze the vast majority of the affected masses, leading them to “follow orders” and lick autocracy’s blood-stained boots.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Islam is Incompatible with Diversity

By Sultan Knish (full article)

Europe's greatest cities are turning into the Middle East. And this should surprise no one at all. Once upon a time, Alexandria, Damascus, Constantinople and Jerusalem were cosmopolitan centers of culture and learning. Today only West Jerusalem amounts to anything, precisely because it is the only one of them not under the boot of Islam.

Islam destroyed the Middle East. And now it has its sights set on Europe and the rest of the world. While First World politicians may preach diversity, the flood of Islamic migrants washing up on their shore are not interested in diversity, their culture, law and religion is Islam. They want no other... and more importantly they will tolerate no other.

The bearded piranhas have been tossed into the European aquarium where they are now reproducing in large numbers while devouring the other fish. Given some time, the tank will consist of piranhas fighting each other, and a handful of smaller fish who have survived mainly because they are of some value to the piranhas. Namely the small yellow Dhimmifish. In other words the European aquarium will come to look exactly like the Middle Eastern aquarium, made of equal parts rubble, dirt and hate. A region where the literacy rate is lower than Sub-Saharan Africa. Where women are property. Where there is no constitution or law, only the will of an Imam or tyrant.

That is the Europe that the advocates of diversity and multiculturalism are speedily bringing about. That is the Europe, the America, the Australia and the Canada that their grandchildren will have to live in. It will not be a diverse place, except in the diverse numbers of slaves. There will be no culture, no freedom, no knowledge and no truth. Only Islam.

US Passes Tipping Point on USG Expenditure and Obligations Versus Potential Tax Revenues from All Sources

From “Front and Center”, By Bud Burrell (full article)
Today, the National Inflation Association made the momentous announcement of the US having passed a critical “Tipping Point”, that being the level at which if 100% of all income were taxed from payers, it would not cover the expenditures of the US Government. If you can’t understand what this means, then as a citizen, you damned well better learn. We have gone over the edge of a precipice that can’t be easily recovered. The futures of our currency and of the currencies of the World are in acute jeopardy that would predict the probability of an unprecedented collapse of our global economy. This collapse comes at a time when, as never before in American history, our national system of government and laws are imploding.

I was asked today what solutions I could see for the future and what could the individual do to protect themselves against the potential collapse. First, I don’t see a solution for the individual. All we can do is reduce the size of Government and the level of our expenditures and taxation immediately. The option is the seizure of our country’s financial assets, the decimation of our real estate markets both residential and commercial, the liquidation of our insurance industry, and worse.

Absent draconian changes in our way of life, I can see nothing to repair the institutional damage already done, and which is being magnified every day. Jobs creation was a hope a year ago, but I doubt it would be of any value now. Busting the energy paradigm with a new source of plentiful and cheap energy could be on the wish list, but it better happen soon. Fanciful pleadings that we trust our Government to correct, and to re-adjust are folly. We need action now, not a year from now, not in 2012, but now.

Judicial Use of Torture: Did Medieval Europe Learn It From Islam?

by John J. O’Neill (full article)

In my newly-published book, Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization, I argue at length that a great majority of the things commonly regarded as “Medieval” were in fact introduced to Europe from Islam, and that it was Islam, and not the Huns, Vandals and Goths, which terminated Classical Civilization, the rational and humane civilization of Greece and Rome. This civilization survived in Europe and in North Africa and the Near East until the seventh century, at which point it was destroyed by the Muslim conquests.

In point of fact, Islam’s influence upon Europe was much greater than is commonly imagined, but that influence was entirely negative. Not only did the Muslims terminate Classical Civilization, but in time they dragged Europe, on many levels, down to a more barbarous level of culture. It was from the Muslims, for example, that Christian Europeans got the idea of “Holy War,” a concept that would have been unthinkable in earlier centuries. And from Islam too, the institution of slavery, as well as the slave trade, received a new and powerful impetus.

Contrary to the beliefs of some modern anti-Christian writers, Christianity brought an immediate and dramatic improvement in the living conditions of slaves, the poor, and the oppressed, in the Roman Empire. In Holy Warriors, I show how the Church, in the early centuries, bit by bit made the holding of slaves morally indefensible and eventually helped bring about the entire institution’s abolishment. And just as Christianity worked inexorably to alleviate the condition of slaves, so its influence revolutionized the penal code and led to more humane treatment of prisoners. The first step was taken by Constantine, who, out of respect for Christ, abolished the barbaric punishment of crucifixion. Constantine also attempted (unsuccessfully) to abolish gladiator contests, though these barbaric entertainments were in fact finally outlawed less than a century later, after a monk named Telemachus was killed by spectators whilst separating two gladiators in a Roman arena.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Someone remembers this atrocity at last - to Obama's dismay

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Obama pleaded not to tell the truth about the savage rape and murder of 1.5 million Armenian civilians by the Turks in 1915, Robert Fisk wrote in the British Independent on March 6.

“George W Bush spinelessly caved in to the Turkish generals. And now our favorite Nobel prize winner - another brave president who promised to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide if he was elected and then declined to do so… Good for the committee that it did not give in. But it will do no good,” the article wrote.

According to the author, that there will be no vote on the genocide by the full House of Representatives and if there is, there'll never be a vote in the Senate, since Obama will help see to that. “The man who wanted change doesn't want change on the little matter of a genocide that led directly to the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews,” Robert Fisk wrote.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taliban and Al Qaeda Financiers Are Tied at the Hip!!

By Victor Comras (full article)

Could it be that while the Taliban is awash with cash, Al Qaeda is struggling for every dime? This is the supposition that emerges from recent assessments by different sets of experts. But can such a thesis stand in the face of the continuing close cooperation between the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and with what is now occurring in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen, and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa? International terrorism alerts are now at their highest levels since just after 9/11. And senior US officials are warning that a major terrorist attack against the United States should be considered imminent.

The blackmail of America

By Julia Gorin (full article)

In February 2007, Jim Jatras, a former senior analyst for the Senate Republican Foreign Policy Committee, asked a Hungarian member of the European Parliament, "Why are you rewarding Albanian violence with state power?" The member replied, "Because we're afraid of them."

EU: Prison of Nations

By Srdja Trifkovic (full article)

The European Union is run by a coalition of multicultural fanatics, post-national technocrats, neo-Marxists and crooks. They are committed to a federal superstate, no less brazenly than the Comrades east of the Wall had been committed to the Peoples' Democracies between 1945 and 1989. In their world, only an EU freed from the obsolete shackles of national parliaments and wily electorates can guarantee the fulfillment of their ideological vision and, more importantly, the protection of their power and privileges in perpetuity.

Comment: The first sentence can also describe the US Government.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Global Eugenics Agenda

Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’
by F. William Engdahl (full article)
March 4, 2010

Microsoft founder and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates, projects an image of a benign philanthropist using his billions via his (tax exempt) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to tackle diseases, solve food shortages in Africa and alleviate poverty. In a recent conference in California, Gates reveals a less public agenda of his philanthropy—population reduction, otherwise known as eugenics.

[…] For the mighty and powerful of the Good Club, human beings seem to be a form of pollution equal to CO2.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Islamic Bloodletting Through The Centuries

Islamic Terrorism – Is it a New Threat?

by MA Khan (full article)

[…] Islamic terrorism that we see today is not a new phenomenon. It has occurred continuously since the 7th century institution of the Islamic faith. The only difference is that throughout the Islamic history, the onus of terrorizing the non-Muslims were undertaken by the Islamic states. The ferocity, destruction and violation have been of much greater scales in the Islamic rulers’ devastating attacks of innocent infidel territories and out-posts, slaughtering both military and civilian population (mainly men) in tens of thousands, enslaving their children and women in great multitude and destroying their religious institutions and forcing them to conversion.

Comment in response to comment posted in the MA Khan article:

As to David suggesting that Christianity was as bad as Islam:

1. Tormada - Inquisition(S),
     The inquisition started from and after the poisonous influence of Islam in Spain, not before. Also anti-Semitism in Europe is undetectable until that poison was also picked up by the Christian forces fighting those notorious Jew haters, the Muslims.

2. - Jews
     The wearing of special clothing by Jews in Europe was very limited in scope, and it started from and after the influence of Islam in Spain, not before. Hitler was allied to the Muslim Brotherhood from the 1930’s until WW2. He got many of his ideas from Islam, including this one.

3. The Crusades - which went on and on, almost until the Revolution of the United States.
     This is nonsense. Also, the crusades were a justified response to three hundred years of rape, pillage, torture, abduction, etc., of the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa. About one million Southern Europeans were kidnapped into slavery by Muslims. Many tens of millions of Christians were mass murdered in North Africa and the Middle East. Over Eighty millions of Hindus were mass murdered making it the largest genocide in human history.

4. The human misery known as 'Slavery' which was supported by most Christian churches for centuries.
     This is nonsense. The church continually tried to outlaw slavery in the Roman Empire and thereafter, and almost stamped it out except that, you guessed it, Islam arrived in North Africa and Spain and restarted the slave trade. It has continued until this very day in Africa under the direction of the Arabs.

This David character is either a Muslim troll or a blockhead in the West that has been brainwashed by multicultural hogwash.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

‘Anti-Lobbyist’ Obama Administration Recruited Left-Wing Lobbyists to Sell Bogus ‘Green Jobs’

by Christopher Horner (full article)

A FOIA reveals the Department of Energy turned to George Soros and to wind industry lobbyists to help cover up two economic studies pointing to the failure of European wind energy programs.