Thursday, March 4, 2010

Islamic Bloodletting Through The Centuries

Islamic Terrorism – Is it a New Threat?

by MA Khan (full article)

[…] Islamic terrorism that we see today is not a new phenomenon. It has occurred continuously since the 7th century institution of the Islamic faith. The only difference is that throughout the Islamic history, the onus of terrorizing the non-Muslims were undertaken by the Islamic states. The ferocity, destruction and violation have been of much greater scales in the Islamic rulers’ devastating attacks of innocent infidel territories and out-posts, slaughtering both military and civilian population (mainly men) in tens of thousands, enslaving their children and women in great multitude and destroying their religious institutions and forcing them to conversion.

Comment in response to comment posted in the MA Khan article:

As to David suggesting that Christianity was as bad as Islam:

1. Tormada - Inquisition(S),
     The inquisition started from and after the poisonous influence of Islam in Spain, not before. Also anti-Semitism in Europe is undetectable until that poison was also picked up by the Christian forces fighting those notorious Jew haters, the Muslims.

2. - Jews
     The wearing of special clothing by Jews in Europe was very limited in scope, and it started from and after the influence of Islam in Spain, not before. Hitler was allied to the Muslim Brotherhood from the 1930’s until WW2. He got many of his ideas from Islam, including this one.

3. The Crusades - which went on and on, almost until the Revolution of the United States.
     This is nonsense. Also, the crusades were a justified response to three hundred years of rape, pillage, torture, abduction, etc., of the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa. About one million Southern Europeans were kidnapped into slavery by Muslims. Many tens of millions of Christians were mass murdered in North Africa and the Middle East. Over Eighty millions of Hindus were mass murdered making it the largest genocide in human history.

4. The human misery known as 'Slavery' which was supported by most Christian churches for centuries.
     This is nonsense. The church continually tried to outlaw slavery in the Roman Empire and thereafter, and almost stamped it out except that, you guessed it, Islam arrived in North Africa and Spain and restarted the slave trade. It has continued until this very day in Africa under the direction of the Arabs.

This David character is either a Muslim troll or a blockhead in the West that has been brainwashed by multicultural hogwash.

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