Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arizona is RIGHT – the US Liberal Establishment can FUCK ITSELF

What follows is an article by a very angry citizen, Bud Burrell, and he reflects what I and many others feel and THINK. The liberal establishment in the US government of public serpents and the main stream media of liars have lost all credibility and should be shit canned out of the country.

If we don’t flush them first, they will flush us. We need a restoration back to the principles of the founding fathers. Anything less than that and we face a very bleak future. A sovereign people stands on the four legs of language, culture, borders, and its currency. Debase one of these legs to undermine the entire edifice. America has debased its language, its culture, its borders (the controlling liberal establishment now wants completely open borders), and its currency.

Will there be a restoration? I think not, it is now too late. America is coming to its end, and actually has already ended. America is an ideal in our minds from the past of its greatness. But that is over, finished, gone. What is in our minds is not in reality. America is in an advanced state of deconstruction and self hatred, like Nietzsche, who couldn’t face his shadow which he reviled. Nietzsche’s fate will be America’s fate: insanity and death.

The italicized red comments below were added by me.

Bud Burrell's Front and Center

Written by: bburrell
5/22/2010 8:03 PM

From Front and Center”, by Bud Burrell

[…] AG Holder has stepped on another figurative landmine in my State, Arizona, with baseless charges made against the State for its new laws to assist Federal officials in enforcing illegal immigration laws here. The AZ law was passed right after a rancher living on the AZ-Mexico border was assassinated by a professional sent to kill him by the Mexican drug cartels, Bob Krenker, shot through the lungs and left to die. The law we passed is more liberal than the Federal law it is designed to aid, after numerous insults made to the State by the Federal Government, which has refused to enforce the laws intended to protect our border and our society. In a State with a population of just 2.8 Million, we had 90,000 serious crimes last year, some 95% of which were committed by illegal alien criminals. Over the past 10 years, 80% of violent crimes against law enforcement officials have been committed by the same illegal alien criminals. By way of comparison on scale, the City of New York with a population of 8.6 Million had 116,000 serious crimes last year. Only a person with the IQ of amoeba would not be able to understand this isn’t proportionate. [Bud must be referring to the US liberal establishment] We have over 450,000 to 500,000 illegal immigrants here, costing the State over $2.8 Billion every years, driving the State to edge of bankruptcy. That doesn’t even touch the 250,000 to 300,000 illegal immigrants who transit through here every year. They are breaking the back of our social services systems, including welfare and healthcare in particular, and the Federal agencies provide no solutions to the problem.

On the crime front, I go back to the case of Bob Krenker. While he was dying, he managed to alert his neighbors by radio to his plight, and they rallied a posse save him and to chase down the murderer. They were too late to save him, as he had bled out in great pain from his wounds. After tracking the perpetrator 8 miles towards the border (which the Border Patrol sits back from by 60 miles generally) these ranchers and cattlemen cornered the suspect in a dry arroyo canyon. As they were about to smoke him out to seize him and arrest him for murder, in swooped the Border Patrol and Federal Marshalls [the keystone cops] with their posse supported by a helicopter, who immediately demanded the locals back off and cede the capture of the suspect to them. Lots of luck. In an abominable performance, they managed to let the suspect escape almost inexplicably from a one way position. It has been speculated on here that they didn’t want him. If by any chance that were to be proved, these officials should be put in prison themselves. [If caught, the keystone cops would have given him food stamps, social security, and medical care]

California has made a 24 Karat ass out of their major cities in the South and North assailing an AZ law which they, like AG Holder, have never read. They threaten boycott of Arizona from which they get 25% of their electric power, and crucial water from the Colorado River basin. Arizona has responded astutely, threatening California with a cut off of their electric power, and their water to Southern California.

The Bureau of Land Management has made a catastrophic mess out of water resources in the Western US over the past century, and it is time they should be thrown out on their asses. Southern California can always go to Northern California’s watershed which supplies the SF basin and the Central Valley. The BLM has shut off 90% of their water, so plenty should be left over for SoCal. RIGHT! Maybe BLM officials can [should] share cells with some of the thousands of California felons we warehouse for that State’s overcrowded prison system.

The never ending attack of the Obama Administration on our systems for the division of Church and State remain under attack. No one person has done more than Glenn Beck to point out these contradictory messages of the Obama Administration. In their latest move, they seek to force Churches to “Go Green” or face harassment by the EPA. [What! Has this been reported by our mighty main stream media?] This country was built on the faith of its founders. Too few of our citizens are even marginally aware of this, or of the presence of the two Latin Words on the Top of the Washington Monument, “Laos Dei”. Obama seeks to have religion be a subordinate of the State, and to penalize them if they disagree with him on Constitutional rights. [Call it Communism, call it Fascism, whatever, its doesn’t matter, its the same]

What is the common theme of the writings above? We have a President and his associates who don’t believe in our republican democracy, who disrespect the Constitution unless it is convenient for them, who are disrespectful of faith, and who would destroy the very core of our systems of democracy and capitalism. I say that when they fail, they must be shipped away from our shores, never to return. Do you have a better idea? [Perhaps we should do what the Communists or Nazis did – disappear them into a gulag. The problem is when it gets to that stage then who will be left to decide who goes next? So we  face hell either way, whether we do nothing or kick them out]

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