Monday, May 31, 2010

Comparison: Liberal Reaction Vs. Conservative Reaction To The Israel/Flotilla Story

By John Hawkins (full article)

"Honestly, I don't find the Palestinian people to be the least bit sympathetic. They're backwards, genocidal, hyper-violent, sad sack, Nazi wannabes led by terrorists who would happily murder every Jew on the planet if they could get away with it. [right!]
Then there are the Israelis. They're a tiny Western Democracy surrounded by backwards savages who want to murder them down to the last child because they're Jews. Moreover, despite all the claims to the contrary, they're the most restrained people on earth. If you don't believe that, consider the fact that they could simply drive the Palestinians off their land and take it at any point, but instead, they've chosen to permanently live beside of millions of people who make the Manson family look sane. If the Israelis were somehow replaced by Americans, we'd drive the Palestinians off their land at gunpoint in six months tops -- and we'd be perfectly justified in doing so."
"So, that brings us to the relief flotillas. Note that I say Flotillas. This is the 9th time that they've tried to send a floatilla through Israel's blockade. Incidentally, Israel has that blockade in place for a very good reason: to keep weapons that will be used to murder Israelis from being shipped through to the Palestinians. So, since aid can be sent through the UN -- where it'll be checked for weapons -- what's the real point of these floatillas? It's an attempt to embarass the Israelis into giving up the blockade, so that weapons can be shipped to the Palestinians, so that more Jews can be killed."
"In any case, this time around, the Jew haters on the floatilla made a critical Darwin Award worthy error: they assaulted an Israeli commando team with knives, sticks, and guns. The Israeli commandos responded, quite correctly in my opinion, by killing AT LEAST 10 of them."

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