Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hitler and Islam: Connection Established!

In the following article Andrew Bostom establishes the connection between Hitler (and the Nazis) and Islam. Hitler started with the socialist workers party, a movement of the left, which morphed into national socialism. Islam is foundational to the evolution of the Nazis. This is again happening in our time. The progressive left has since the 1990’s built its alliance with Islam in Europe and the US, which is why Jew hatred is manifesting among progressives. We are living in a rerun of the 1930’s. Far worse is to come.

Paul Berman and Islam — A Bridge Too Far?
Part 2
By Andrew Bostom

”Concordance between Nazism and Islamic jihadism reflects an historical continuum evident since the advent of the Nazi movement. This nexus was already apparent in Hitler’s own observations from 1926, elaborated upon over the following decades by both the Nazi leader, and other key Nazi officials, and ideologues. Not surprisingly, there are two predominant, recurring themes in this discourse: jihad as total war, and the annihilationist jihad against the Jews.”

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