Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anatomy of the Dumb Jewish Mind, and a Note to all the Conservative Buffoons who Opposed the Armenian Genocide Resolution because Turkey is an “Ally”

By Julia Gorin (full article)

“Partisan politics never sound so bratty as when they supersede jihad concerns. Let’s remember that this is the Ralph Peters who, also in the pages of the NY Post, accused Robert Spencer of being an Islamophobe. I guess Peters by now may see that he and the Jewish lobby could have used a little Islamophobia themselves.“

“National Review even went so far as to publish a piece in late 2007, titled “The moral case against the Armenian Genocide resolution,” by Barbara Lerner.”

“That piece went into the technical intricacies of why a million Armenians who died in the course of Turkish policy being implemented wasn’t a genocide per se. But notice that none of these pathetic Republican dhimmis DARED deconstruct a “genocide” of a much smaller but highly inflated figure of 8,000, exclusively male, ‘victims’ in Srebrenica. None dared cry foul even when the very word “genocide” was redefined in order to make it fit the crime (and to make the crime fit the expected punishments). Or when our Congress passed a resolution in 2005 condemning the Srebrenica “genocide,” a resolution that dutifully repeated almost every fictitious claim coming out of the Bosnian Ministry of Information.”

“Because the victims were Muslim. Toss the Christian Armenians from the genocide train on behalf of Muslim Turks, then contradict yourself in order to put the Muslim Bosnians on the train, tossing the Christian Serbs onto the tracks. Contradictions aside, the pattern is consistent: It’s not genocide when it’s done by Muslims; it is genocide when it’s done against Muslims.”

[…] “It’s not like we needed just these past six months of Turkish badness to let us know where Turkey stood, and where it was heading. Turkey was demolishing Armenian churches even in 2005. Between the time of the genocide bill debate and the now un-sugarcoat-able Turkish meltdown, there was plenty more to be chewed on by all those conservative buffoons who opposed the Armenian Genocide Resolution because Turkey is an “Ally.”

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