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ANCA Press Release, 10-19-2005

Alerts Congressional Offices to Ankara's Ongoing Practice of Destroying Ancient Armenian Religious and Cultural Monuments (This report was in 2005)

WASHINGTON, DC - The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) today forcefully condemned the Turkish government for the demolition of an Armenian Church in the city of Dikranagerd, also known as Diyarbekir.
According to an October 19th report by Bloomberg News, the church, which was under the Turkish government's official protection, was torn down by a construction firm. The article, written by Mark Bentley, added that, "builder Kerem Emre used stones from the demolished church in the province of Diyarbekir to lay the foundations for a mosque" in its place.
"Turkey - which in 1915 committed genocide against the Armenian nation and has since waged an international campaign of threats and intimidation to deny its crime - is, today, in full view of the world, destroying the surviving cultural and religious heritage of its victims, seeking to erase even their memory from the Armenian homeland of four thousand years," said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. "Sadly, our own government's silence - its failure to confront Turkey's denials -effectively enables, emboldens, even encourages Ankara's ongoing pattern of aggressive behavior toward the Armenian people. The time has come for the U.S. government to finally break this destructive pattern. As a nation, we need to speak with moral clarity on the Armenian Genocide - signaling to Turkey in clear and forceful terms that the American people stand on the side of a just resolution of this crime against humanity."
As part of its ongoing efforts to educate policy-makers and elected officials about Armenian American concerns, the ANCA has informed the Administration and Members of Congress about the desecration of this church.

Comment: Sadly, as far as the US is concerned Turkey can do no wrong even when it reverts to Islamism and joins the Syrian/Iranian axis. If the US doesn’t soon change its policy toward Turkey then the US for all practical purpose has joined the jihad against the West. The US has already supported the destruction of Christian communities in the Balkans to the advantage of the Islamic jihad (with fake accusations of genocide against the Serbs), it has supported the Islamic jihad against the Russians in Chechnya, with every day it shifts its support more to the Fakenstinians, and it still unbelievably supports the Islamization of Europe by supporting admission of re-Islamizing Turkey to the EU. How else to describe the US other than as the enemy of the West?

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