Saturday, June 26, 2010

Astounding Ignorance at Newsbusters (and CNN)

Posted by Julia Gorin (full article)

“After I blogged about British Channel 4’s reference to an Albanian mass shooter as a “Serb Kosovan,” the person who sent me that tip (”Serbstvo”) recalled an even more blatant, more intentional case of mis-reporting — by CNN in 2008, when Radovan Karadzic was arrested. Doctoring footage to make the Serbs look bad — the very thing that got us onto our anti-Serb kick in the first place — is alive and well, and keeping Americans anti-Serb.”

“CNN actually spliced together a video montage — headlined “Serb ultranationalists rally — Clashes broke out during a protest by thousands of Serb ultranationalists against plans to extradite Radovan Karadzic.” As Serbstvo wrote me, “Because the protest was relatively peaceful, it did not suit the folks at CNN who required the Serbs to appear as savages, so they mixed it with footage from a totally unrelated anti-government riot in Budapest, showing cars in flames and crowds being blasted by water cannons. All this was done to create a more chaotic atmosphere,” since otherwise it wouldn’t merit any kind of anti-Serb news coverage. CNN pulled the video the next day, after one or two small blogs (including Svetlana Novko’s now defunct Byzantine Sacred Art blog) caught it.”

Comment: What else can you expect from CNN that has pro-Muslim agitprop and disinformation deceiver Christiane Amanpuour on its staff of reporters.

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