Monday, June 28, 2010

A Dangerous Week In A Pattern Of Dangerous Weeks. Decisions Lie Ahead

Written by: bburrell (full article)

“The Obama Administration barred drilling in shallow waters in the Gulf, thereby driving the major Oil companies into deep water with attendant risks everyone was aware of. He could have allowed drilling in waters under 500 feet in depth, or in Alaska, or in the Bakken play in Montana, but no, he wanted to begin to shut down access to Oil domestically as part of his environmental agenda, based on worthless science, to drive his big government agenda for a Cap and Trade program that would shatter the American Economy. So how long did it take the Federal government to act?”

“They did nothing for 9 days, then blocked any State action or foreign help with skimmers or berms for another 8 weeks. Short of a major miracle, the fisheries and tourism industries of Louisiana are dead for 20 or more years, and its oil and gas industry is shut down and permanently crippled for the forseeable future for an ill-conceived political attempt to drive drilling rigs out of the Gulf, to locations elsewhere in the World where it might benefit Soros and other Obama supporters.”

“As if this weren’t enough, this Administration would endanger not only our economy, but our basic financial foundation. The Federal Reserve spoke Friday of injecting an additional $5 Trillion dollars of liquidity into the economy, basically devaluing the US dollar by 1/3 in a single move. Obama would have the US dollar trade at parity with the Peso. This is a none too subtle move on the part of the hard left to drive our economy into a meltdown that they can use to expand Federal power, consistent with the Alinsky, Cloward and Piven agenda.”

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