Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gulf Oil Disaster

by J. R. Nyquist (full article)

“The tragedy of so much oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico is undeniable. But we must not forget the political game that is also afoot, and the strategic implications: from this day forth, America will not drill for oil under the water; meanwhile, others will profit by doing so. Even more important, capitalism will take the blame, the oil companies will be punished, and America's overall position will be weakened. Therefore, the event is not simply an environmental catastrophe. It is simultaneously a political event which is being exploited by existing political factions, countries and interests. The pathology of the West is not that it has allowed a spill to occur. The pathology is found in the self-lacerating tendencies of a civilization that feels so much guilt. One might ask: Who has put this guilt upon us? What is their motive?“

“The tedious fool who turns every untoward event into an occasion for blaming others is excelled only by those masochistic fools who blame everything on themselves. "Hit me, beat me.  Make me pay at the pump." This is where it stands today, and how it will be played.”

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