Sunday, June 6, 2010

Israel may retake Gaza?

Sultan Knish presents the possibility that Israel may have to retake Gaza in light of the irrational response of the world to the blockade that keeps missiles out of Gaza. So, once again, blockheads in the West cause war and suffering in their desire for 'peace'. The delusional bloodthirsty Muslims don't surprise me, that is what they are and nothing else should be expected. But the West, so high minded, with its self conception as being on the higher moral ground with every passing day is looking as delusional as Muslims. Liars, backstabbers, cheats, the West can not be trusted. Israel, Armenia, and other peoples struggling to maintain their identity against this century of the mass murdering Muslim jihad on the march can on longer depend on the anti-Christian West. Israel and Armenia, keep your nuclear weapons close.

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