Sunday, June 13, 2010

The New York Times Has a Freudian Slip on Geert Wilders’ Victory

by Michael Finch (full article)

“By being in favor of freedom of speech, female equality, and gay rights, Wilders serves to exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus!  How dare he?  Extreme indeed!  Apparently to be part of the postmodern Western “political consensus”, too be inclusive of Muslims, we need to be against freedom of speech, gay rights and female equality?”

“Houtman, aware of it or not, has made a brilliant, if obvious, observation.  In order for many Muslim immigrants to feel culturally and politically included in the West, most clearly in Holland, they need to exist in an environment that is not open to the pluralistic, open and free West of the Enlightenment of the past 300 years.”

So when a Western politician like Wilders openly embraces the values of liberty, he is called an extremist, hate monger and radical with ties to neo Nazis.  The elite class, currently in Washington and throughout the halls of Western academia and the media, feel it more important to be inclusive of Muslims then holding true to the values that created the most open and free society the world has ever seen.  And to oppose this new orthodoxy makes one a criminal, as the Left hopes to make of Wilders.”

Comment: This is a very good example of cognitive dissonance in the elites running the show.

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