Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For

by Ernest Sternberg (full article)

“Purificationist ideology must soft-pedal mass crimes that occur in societies that dogma classifies as subordinate, for fear that undue attention will distract recruits from the depredations properly assigned only to Empire. This feature of the revivified Left has most infuriated its own recent apostates. Referring to the ideological concept of Empire, Bernard-Henri Le´vy goes so far as to say ‘‘It’s certain that its only real function is to annihilate whole chapters of contemporary history, killing, one more time, millions of men and women, whose whole crime was being born and whose second was dying the wrong way.’’ This then is the fourth warning sign: the ideologically-induced corruption of language, such that humanitarian terms become weapons by which to attack the flaws of liberal democracies, while self-professed humanitarians excuse the pervasive crimes of despots.”

“Impassioned hatred of enemies combined with self-exculpatory moral deception about mass violence—these are the early portents of a movement that claims the purest of world-transformative ideals.”

“At this date we cannot know what the new global radicalism will bring. Even if it dies out faster and less catastrophically than its predecessors, it has already set the course for an eventual reckoning, in which many will suffer. In the meantime, even in the United States, some of the harm is done. On U.S. campuses and in the nation’s alternative-lifestyle neighborhoods, the youth are already seduced and another generation thrills to the romance of world transformation.”

Comment: The Islamic/Left/Fascist coalescing alliance (the purification movement) has clothed itself with the shining garments of the virtues but it unconsciously casts a long shadow that will cause immense  suffering. Purificationists, like most people, do not know themselves, i.e., they do not know their personal shadow or the collective shadow. In a mass movement the individual is dumbed down to the lowest level, to his personal shadow, and the collective shadow becomes dominate. The mass movement will clothe itself in the greatest good (its conscious will) but will exercise itself in the greatest evil (the collective shadow). All of human history teaches us this but modern man thinks he is exempt from his own history, from his own archetypal nature. The purification movement is empowering the largest mass movement of deconstruction and self-loathing in history that is aiding and abetting forces of retrograde thinking, oppression, and mass murder. Purificationist legacy in this age of chemical/biological/nuclear/nano tech weapons will be catastrophic. Will humanity survive the twenty-first century with these technologies in the hands of 7th century mentality Muslims?


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