Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turkey: Jihadi State Rising

By EuropeNews

“Scanning news reports this week, I was surprised to learn that according to much of the press, Turkey had been Israel’s "staunchest ally in the Muslim world,” until the Gaza aid flotilla debacle. According to the Associated Press, the UK’s Daily Mail and other media, the Gaza aid flotilla crisis has irreparably damaged the "close” relationship between Israel and Turkey.”

“The fact is such reports are simply untrue and misleading. It was not the Gaza aid flotilla that irreparably damaged relations between Turkey and Israel. The relationship had already been under severe strain for the past seven years, since the now ultra-conservative Islamist AK Party led by Turkish Prime Minister Erodgan took power in 2002.”

“Indeed friendly relations between Turkey and Israel prior to the flotilla incident had already, for the most part, been over.”

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