Thursday, September 16, 2010

“We are not just being Islamized, we are being Europeanized”

From Gates of Vienna 9/15/2010

“First, consider the case of Derek Fenton, the ballsy guy who burned pages of the Koran at Ground Zero on 9-11. He has now been fired by his employer, the New Jersey Transit Authority. Bear in mind that he was not on the job when he exercised his First Amendment rights, and he never broke the law. Yet they fired him.”
”The second case involves Molly Norris, the Seattle cartoonist who started the spoof idea of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. The threats on her life have become so alarming that she has moved away and gone into hiding, given up her publishing gig at Seattle Weekly, and taken an assumed name. All because some Muslims couldn’t take a joke. Now, I think she should seriously consider exercising her Second Amendment rights in a concealed-carry state, but that’s her call. In any case, the authorities could not protect her.”
”Doesn’t all this sound familiar? Isn’t this what you read here, day in and day out, coming from Europe?”
”Muslims get angry and violent, and the authorities do nothing. If you do something that offends Muslims, the state takes away your job or your pension or your benefits. Or puts you on trial.”
”It happens every day in Belgium, in the UK, in Sweden, in Austria, in Finland…”
”And now it has come here, to the United States of America.”

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