Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egypt back to the 7th century

Did you see the millions in Cairo that listened to a speech by Khomeini version two? Did you hear that the Egyptian military has set up a commission to change the constitution that includes the usual assortment of Islamic fundamentalists? 

Get ready for the Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt, for the beginning of terrible wars in this century that will be worse than the last.

Don't trust Muslims, they lie to us infidels.

Hold on to your gold and silver.

See the Megatrend?

Reflect on recent and still ongoing events in Wisconsin and Egypt. There is a connection between the two but not the connection pushed by idiots in the media. The connections are inflation, the dollar, and corn to ethanol, all originating in the US. The Fed Reserve is monetizing US debt causing food prices to rise which is driving a reawakening of revolutionary fever worldwide. The US corn to ethanol program is alcohol (...gasoline) on the fire, feeding tightness of food supplies. 

In Wisconsin we see the unions for what they are: just for themselves. The rest of us have to suffer, but not union members. Governor Walker should fire them all. 

If Wisconsin buckles under union pressure then other states will not dare try to deal with the pension debacle. The states will then go hat in hand to the Fed for a handout of more of our money. The Fed Reserve will have to print even more money. It will be quantitative easing up to infinity, to runaway inflation. Weimar Germany, here we come.

Hold on to your gold and silver.