Thursday, April 14, 2011

Islam is NOT like Christianity

Islam is NOT like Christianity. Islam is at the level of the Old Testament, and never had a reformation like Christianity had with Jesus and the New Testament. The Koran, Hadith, and (all) four schools of Islamic jurisprudence support sharia law, i.e., the stoning of woman for adultery, the stoning of men for homosexuality, the amputation of alternate limbs for theft, that all Muslims are required to wage jihad war against the infidel, sanctions lying to the infidel to advance the rule of Islam, to kill or subdue the infidel, etc. What do you think Muslims are learning in the madrassas and on friday at the Mosque? When speaking to the West they know what we want to hear and use words we want, but they turn to their own people and say in effect ‘first the Saturday people then the Sunday people’. If you think you know anything about Muslims or Islam then you should know what that means. I descend from Christians from the Middle East. For fourteen centuries Muslims have been killing us, exterminating us. But you don’t know, don’t care, but you will learn, only it will have to be the way of suffering to force you to open your eyes.

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