Friday, April 15, 2011

Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iran and the coming catastrophe

Turkey has joined the Iranian/Syrian orbit but many can't see this because they live and think in the past. I foresee a terrible war coming in the Middle East after the Muslim Brotherhood consolidates its power in Egypt and now it looks like they might take Syria. (All the other uprisings in the Middle East don't matter; only Egypt and Syria matter combined with Turkey). The regional Middle Eastern war that is coming will be nuclear. Oil production world wide will be cut in half. Within a year afterwards agricultural production world wide will decline causing the starvation of hundreds of millions. Many are unaware of the connection between oil and agriculture. This is what we face but no one talks of it or even thinks about it. American foreign policy has veered into incoherence since the late 1980's, but since the election of Obama it has become demented, overtly and obviously self destructive.

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