Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama is a stealth Muslim

Obama is a stealth Muslim. He, like his supposed pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was supposedly a Muslim that converted to Christianity, but it’s a farce. Theirs is a ‘Palestinian’ Christianity being pushed by Islam as part of their world wide jihad. They are tight with the Nation of Islam, a proto-fascist Muslim organization. Its members are in the inner circle of Obama’s staff. It seems odd that Americans can so easily fall into this trap but on the other hand the last fifty years of anti-white hatred taught by our PC multicultural instructors has had its intended effect. White self hatred has now been internalized which explains why white Americans project the messianic complex onto Obama who can provide a phony ‘redemption’. Eventually this illusion will fall very hard like a house of cards after effecting unimaginable damage.

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