Wednesday, August 31, 2011

!!! From CERN: cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere; bye-bye, AGW !!!


Here Comes The Sun (And There Goes Anthropogenic Warmism)
August 31st, 2011 by Andrew Bostom

[…] “The research…comes from über-prestigious CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the world’s largest centres for scientific research involving 60 countries and 8,000 scientists at more than 600 universities and national laboratories. CERN is the organization that invented the World Wide Web, that built the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider, and that has now built a pristinely clean stainless steel chamber that precisely recreated the Earth’s atmosphere. In this chamber, 63 CERN scientists from 17 European and American institutes have done what global warming doomsayers said could never be done — demonstrate that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds, the cloudier and thus cooler it will be. Because the sun’s magnetic field controls how many cosmic rays reach Earth’s atmosphere (the stronger the sun’s magnetic field, the more it shields Earth from incoming cosmic rays from space), the sun determines the temperature on Earth.”

“Solomon also reports how the lead investigator, Jasper Kirkby, overcame the lemming-like marginalization and vilification of two impeccably-credentialed Danish scientists (from the Danish Space Research Institute) who originally proposed the hypothesis (i.e., in 1996) that cosmic rays and the sun play an integral role in global warming.”

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