Saturday, November 12, 2011

UNHRC subverted by OIC since 2008

From DiscoverTheNetworks:

As a result of OIC pressure on the UN Human Rights Council, the latter passed a resolution (in June 2008) requiring all speaker presentations and discussions to omit any “judgment or evaluation about religion.” Consequently, Human Rights Council proceedings now forbid any mention of controversial fatwas (religious rulings) or human rights abuses that may originate in Islamic countries or under the codes of Sharia. These include, for example, the forced marriages of young girls, the genital mutilation of young girls, the execution of homosexuals, and the stoning of rape victims (who are commonly considered to be adulterers by Islamic courts). Any negative reference to such practices now falls under the umbrella of “Islamophobia.”

Comment: So the filthy religion of Islam is now protected by the UN?

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