Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have given up on the West

The Latin Christians, and the West, have continually stabbed the Orthodox Eastern Christians in the back starting with the Fourth Crusade in 1204 that took Constantinople, a Christian city, which dropped what defense that remained against Muslim expansion into Anatolia, then the Balkans. This came home to roost later with the Ottoman Empire at the gate of Vienna.

The West is doing it again, helping the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis come to power in Egypt, Libya, and probably Syria (if the West succeeds at its insane policy), causing the Orthodox Christians in the Middle East immense suffering. The West supported the Islamic jihad against itself in the Balkans with mostly agitprop claims of genocide against the Christian Serbs.

The West has a suicidal death wish, is on its death march, enabling its enemies to destroy it. Europe is done for, having condemned itself to being conquered by Muslims that it invited in with open arms. And now the West is facing the biggest super debt cycle collapse in history.

I have given up on the West. The only questions relevant to our time is how to survive its collapse. If you get sucked into dogmatic thinking aligned to the evil party or the stupid party then you are blind.

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