Friday, August 17, 2012

The West Goes Like Rome

Yes, the US, in fact the West, is on the same downward path as the late Western Roman Empire. Some examples:

- The Romans debased their currency like we have debased the dollar;
- Roman citizens were so hard pressed by taxes and regulations that many defected to the Goths like those today that are giving up on the West and looking to or moving to the East.
- Massive immigration/invasion of peoples that eventually took power from the Latins like the massive Muslim invasion into Europe since the Euro Arab Dialog started in the 1970's (Europe will be dominated by Islam by 2030), and the massive Hispanic invasion into the US (their political movement has already started for the break off of the southwest US into a Hispanic dominated Aztalan).
- The collapse of the legacy of the Latin core people that built the empire, like today in the US that treats its Constitution like toilet paper and has trashed and demonized its founding generation and principles.

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