Wednesday, September 11, 2013


If America is being driven out of the Middle East then I say GOOD. What do we get out of all the blood and treasure that we expend on it? Do we need lots of sand? And we don't need its oil. 

If Europe, China, and Japan need its oil (or even lots of sand) then let them expend their blood and treasure on it. Even the Christians of the Middle East are sick of our 'help' that always supports the jihadis in the region that are killing them and even Muslims that say No to the 7th century. Even the Christians in the region are sick of us and want us out. The Egyptians are sick of us.

So let Russia have it and get indigestion from it. Let them have their wars and kill each other. Israel without the US can take care of itself and will be stronger by being self sufficient and disentangled from the US.

US out of the Middle East and Central Asia! We have nuclear weapons. Who can invade the US? 

How much we have sacrificed to maintain the Petrodollar and the US Empire. It is killing us. We need to kill the Petrodollar that ties us to Saudi Arabia before we collapse.

We need to live in peace and reestablish the best of our Founding principles and the Constitution. Maintaining the US Empire is destroying our center, the heart of our civilization.

Otherwise we will continue the path we are on to eventual collapse, and then nothing we think or say will make any difference in the end that are racing toward.

America's restoration will start in the States

The recall of two anti-gun politicians is a good example of why our only hope to reclaim America from its current crop of psychopathic elites is in the States.

I am increasingly thinking that Mark Levin's proposal to amend the Constitution via the States is the only way forward. There is no other hope that I can see. The GOP handlers are part of the current elites.

If we can get the Tea Party to champion the amendments then we might have a chance to lead America out of the hole it is digging itself into.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All the evils in America are hatching out

Keep in mind that the US wants its war on Syria to help its jihadi liver eaters and help Qatar get its pipeline through Syria. I predict that the US will craft the UN resolution is a manner unacceptable to Russia. The US did the same sort of thing in the 1990's with Yugoslavia, demanding that the Yugos sign an agreement that opened the entire country to NATO occupation. The US knew that the Yugos could not sign it (no sovereign would) and the US got its war. I am an American that has come to the conclusion that the US is now the Axis Power of our time. (UPDATE: Russia held firm, the US relented, the UN resolution did not reference any use of force).

If you think that this is just due to Obama, and we just need to get rid of him, then you have not yet realize that Obama is what America IS. The America, its Founding, its Constitution that we believe in, is no more. Since at least the 1990's it has been washed away. Without the restraining beliefs of the Founding and Constitution all the evils in America are hatching out. This is why even Russia looks moral and civilized compared to America.

Watch and listen to the talking heads in the media. You can sense that they are upset that they didn't get their war on Syria. They will keep beating the drum that Assad and Putin are evil, but they are actually unconsciously describing themselves. (UPDATE: Syria is on the back burner for now, until the next artificial crisis to distract the US public).

Monday, September 9, 2013

US the Axis Power of our time

The Saudis will pay the US to bomb Syria in the interests of the US backed jihadis that are raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the 7th century.

I am coming to the conclusion that the US is the most retrograde supporting force in the world. We live in a period similar to the 1930's, but this time the leading Axis Power is the US.

My father survived the 1915 Armenian genocide march into the Syrian desert and loved America. If he was alive today how hard it would be to tell him what America has morphed into, and how evil it has become. America is under the influence and control of a self hating and self destructive demonic spirit.

How can I feel that in any sense I am an American when I see the US backing jihadis that are raping and murdering Armenians and other Christians in region? My identity is no longer hyphenated; I am now just an Armenian. America means nothing to me but what I loath and despise. I did not abandon America, it abandoned me when it abandoned its founding principals.

Out of the mouth of the Western elites comes condemnation of itself.

People in the West cannot conceive that Putin means what he says. Russia has returned to its Christian roots. It has re-embraced its inheritance. While the West is busy destroying Christianity and any Muslims that say NO to the 7th century Russia is activity coming to the aid of besieged Christians in the region.

The West hates itself and therefore hates Orthodox Christians and is out to destroy us.

Last night I watched The Ten Commandants. In the story the final plague comes out of the mouth of the pharaoh. Something similar is happening today. Out of the mouth of the Western elites comes condemnation of itself.

The US sees itself as its enemy in the Other

From Carl Jung I learned that symbolism is much more important than what people say as it shows the unconscious affects that are animating peoples thoughts and feelings.

I had the same incredulous reaction to the news that the Senate vote would be on 9/11. The symbolism hit me like it did others. What does it tell us and what do we know?

We know that the US has been aiding and abetting jihadis in Syria since at least 2011. We know that these jihadis are raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the 7th century.

We know that the US has continuously aided and abetted jihadis against Christians and modernizing trends in the region (and the Balkans) since the 1990's.

What does this tell us about the US? That the US is a retrograde supporting force in the world.

So what does the Senate vote on 9/11 tell us? That the Senate, thinking is it conscious of what it is doing, will probably authorize the continued support for retrograde jihadis against Christians and modernizing forces in the region, and that the US elites are themselves striking out against the symbols of their own civilization, i.e. modernization, and Christianity, which by their actions shows they paint as the enemy.

The US is the Axis Power of our time

Since the 1990's the US has been consistently supporting jihadis throughout the region against Christians and also against Muslims that say NO to the 7th century. In the 1990's the US supported the Azeri jihadis killing Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

As early as 2011 the US started aiding and abetting jihadis in Syria against the Assad government. After several false flag chemical weapon attacks the US is going all out to use its deception to justify bombing Syria to advance its agenda to exterminate Christianity in the region and destroy any Muslim modernization.

The US is now the greatest retrograde supporting force in history.

The US is the Axis Power of our time.