Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All the evils in America are hatching out

Keep in mind that the US wants its war on Syria to help its jihadi liver eaters and help Qatar get its pipeline through Syria. I predict that the US will craft the UN resolution is a manner unacceptable to Russia. The US did the same sort of thing in the 1990's with Yugoslavia, demanding that the Yugos sign an agreement that opened the entire country to NATO occupation. The US knew that the Yugos could not sign it (no sovereign would) and the US got its war. I am an American that has come to the conclusion that the US is now the Axis Power of our time. (UPDATE: Russia held firm, the US relented, the UN resolution did not reference any use of force).

If you think that this is just due to Obama, and we just need to get rid of him, then you have not yet realize that Obama is what America IS. The America, its Founding, its Constitution that we believe in, is no more. Since at least the 1990's it has been washed away. Without the restraining beliefs of the Founding and Constitution all the evils in America are hatching out. This is why even Russia looks moral and civilized compared to America.

Watch and listen to the talking heads in the media. You can sense that they are upset that they didn't get their war on Syria. They will keep beating the drum that Assad and Putin are evil, but they are actually unconsciously describing themselves. (UPDATE: Syria is on the back burner for now, until the next artificial crisis to distract the US public).

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