Monday, September 9, 2013

The US sees itself as its enemy in the Other

From Carl Jung I learned that symbolism is much more important than what people say as it shows the unconscious affects that are animating peoples thoughts and feelings.

I had the same incredulous reaction to the news that the Senate vote would be on 9/11. The symbolism hit me like it did others. What does it tell us and what do we know?

We know that the US has been aiding and abetting jihadis in Syria since at least 2011. We know that these jihadis are raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the 7th century.

We know that the US has continuously aided and abetted jihadis against Christians and modernizing trends in the region (and the Balkans) since the 1990's.

What does this tell us about the US? That the US is a retrograde supporting force in the world.

So what does the Senate vote on 9/11 tell us? That the Senate, thinking is it conscious of what it is doing, will probably authorize the continued support for retrograde jihadis against Christians and modernizing forces in the region, and that the US elites are themselves striking out against the symbols of their own civilization, i.e. modernization, and Christianity, which by their actions shows they paint as the enemy.

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