Monday, September 9, 2013

US the Axis Power of our time

The Saudis will pay the US to bomb Syria in the interests of the US backed jihadis that are raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the 7th century.

I am coming to the conclusion that the US is the most retrograde supporting force in the world. We live in a period similar to the 1930's, but this time the leading Axis Power is the US.

My father survived the 1915 Armenian genocide march into the Syrian desert and loved America. If he was alive today how hard it would be to tell him what America has morphed into, and how evil it has become. America is under the influence and control of a self hating and self destructive demonic spirit.

How can I feel that in any sense I am an American when I see the US backing jihadis that are raping and murdering Armenians and other Christians in region? My identity is no longer hyphenated; I am now just an Armenian. America means nothing to me but what I loath and despise. I did not abandon America, it abandoned me when it abandoned its founding principals.

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