Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A slow motion communist insurrection

What we are living though is a slow motion communist insurrection. The Democrats have government bureaucrats, wall street, the media, academia, hollywood, most immigrants and those on welfare, minorities that hate whites, most psychologists, corporate heads and bankers, liberals, socialists, marxists, unions, and self hating whites. So who stands with the Tea Party and allied conservatives? The Republicans that always pull defeat from the jaws of victory?

So how do you think this will end? The communist insurrection is a mega trend and it will not stop unless it comes up against a force equal or stronger than it.

But there is a greater mega trend, the super debt cycle that is nearing its end phase which will disintegrate our currency and the current social order. It will be the final act and will probably cement in place a tyranny that cannot be defeated.

I would like to see the Tea Party and allied conservatives defeat the ongoing communist insurrection and stop our race into debt suicide but I get the message from the recent big show in DC, that we have been defeated, that the insurrection will continue until the collapse is upon us.

Prepare for the future. See the world for what it is and where it is going. It is easy to hate the Democrats but hating them only blinds us to where this ongoing tragedy is headed.

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