Saturday, January 18, 2014

John Podesta is a Snake

John Podesta is a snake. If you know his history you would be shocked that anyone would appoint him to anything. Calling him a snake is another way of calling him a sociopath. Look closely at his face. It is the face of the elites. It is the face of superiority that is looking at us, the serfs they rule over. When I look at his face I think of a rope and lamp post.

NSA is Building a Totalitarian State

They are building a Totalitarian State and Obama is their current disinformation mouthpiece.

If they loose credibility with the people they will use agitprop to engineer an 'event' to scare us.

That's how it works.

They are sociopaths.

Their consolidation of power over us will continue until its inevitable end, and that end is the end of the American Empire which has already ended the American Republic.

If you think that what you just read is nonsense then you are like most in history, just a leaf in the wind.