Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Real Danger of mRNA Vaccines

I will start with a conclusion: do not take any mRNA vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer are both mRNA vaccines.

Look at the chart below on 'How Messenger RNA Vaccines Work'. It shows traditional vaccines and vaccines in the works (i.e., mRNA vaccines). The traditional approach has been used for decades. The mRNA vaccines have never been approved for human use and are now being rushed into use.

The mRNA vaccines contain encased Covid-19 genes that enter and cause cells to produce the Covid-19 spike proteins that migrate out of the cells. Like in traditional vaccines the body then reacts to the spike proteins to produce antibodies.

The problem: note the encasing of Covid-19 genes - it is presented as clean and simple. What is not mentioned is the safety of mRNA vaccines depends on 100% purity but this is impossible even in small scale industrial processes of purification - and this is where the danger is and is impossible to avoid. Show me anything produced including medicines that are absolutely pure - there are none. Any genetic imperfection in the encased genes will cause the cells to produce something else and here is the 100% certainty: that there will be damaged or incorrectly produced corona spike proteins and even radically unrelated to Covid-19. I can easily predict millions eventually with genetic diseases like cancers and birth defects - infertility - and worse. Of course the pharma industry will cover it up (they'll probably call it Russian meddling!) - our public duty is always to accept it and make them much richer.

Perhaps for those nearing senior years it won't matter so much but for young people who plan to have children and have decades of life ahead: absolutely avoid these mRNA vaccines. There is no way to stop the powerful in the US from pushing mRNA vaccines on the public. The money involved is immense. They are blinded by the dollar signs.

One more point: ask yourself why they are rushing out mRNA vaccines that result in antibodies in the same manner as traditional vaccines. Why not use the tradition approach to quickly produce and make available safe vaccines? Why take the unnecessary risk? Gates is behind it and just even that makes it suspicious. They have some other agenda I haven't yet figured out.

Note that Robert F Kennedy Jr is making the same argument about mRNA vaccines (he calls it the 'Frankenstein Jab'). Big Tech and the corporate controlled media misrepresent him as an anti-vaxxer. Do a search on 'Robert F Kennedy Jr mRNA' to see how Google orders links calling him a hoaxer to the top of results - a good example of how Big Tech has joined the older centers of the rich and powerful to keep the public ignorant while they laugh all the way to the bank at our expense.

Recommend the article by F. William Engdahl "What’s Not Being Said About Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine".

Monday, February 25, 2019

What Is To Be Done? Proposal for Left/Right US Alliance for National Salvation

The only way out of the current direction of the US into greater failure and crisis is a US left/right alliance for national salvation.

What Is To Be Done?
A left/right US alliance for national salvation is the only way forward
The elites use the two-party system to keep us under control and to submit to increasing military spending which has put the US into a domestic issue dead-end state and into never ending foreign wars that supposedly fight terrorism but create more terrorism.
It is pointless for the Left and Right to argue and fight with each other over domestic policy until the elites and their control of military spending and warmongering are brought under control. Until then the elites will use all their manipulative methods to increase spending on the military and start more foreign wars and decrease spending on domestic issues that are becoming ever more critically in need of a national discussion and search for solutions. Even now government agencies are presenting reports to Congress recommending more increases in military spending and less spending on social security, health care, other social services, infrastructure, etc.
It would be an alliance of the left and right focused on getting control of the elites and military spending and the corruption of Congress. Contrary to what the corporate controlled media tells us the left and right have much in common. This vision comes out of the direct experience of a left/right alliance in the 1990's. And at this point in America there is really no other choice - that is the bottom line. Otherwise the status quo march into greater failure and crisis will continue.
The alliance must be non-partisan. It cannot be in affiliation with an establishment party. It could spring up from the people like the Yellow Vests in France, or in some other manner. And there are the networking possibilities of the internet.
The problems to be addressed
That US elites have oriented the US and use of its military to foreign wars created as necessary by secret operations and false flags to keep military (MIC) spending at very high levels. This maintains a system with the massive funds necessary to control the corrupt Congress and to keep the corporate control of the media on narratives to control or as necessary to confuse the people against each other and not against the elites in control.
Powerful foreign interests in the UK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are substantially in control of US foreign policy in league with US elites. They use money to bribe Congress and conspire with US intelligence agencies and use false flags to keep US policy to their benefit but not to the benefit of US citizens. Many of the operatives of those three countries are dual passport holders.
The elites use their corporate control of the media to keep domestic discussion at a sound bite level of discord and thereby no constructive discourse and no real progress. The elites use their ‘think tanks’ and NGOs and corruption of Congress to repeatedly successfully increase military and security state spending and keep proposing cutting of non-military services to US citizens.
Lobbying and election campaigns are massively funded and hugely corrupt the Congress and the Office of the President. This must be stopped and will be addressed.
The goals to accomplish
To cut military spending down to what is necessary to defend the continental US to thereby liberate and reorient spending to domestic priorities of the US to benefit its people.
To return the CIA to only its original function: to collect information from outside the US for US decision makers. False flags and secret operations to interfere in other sovereign states or their elections would be illegal. Running operations off the book to fund other secret off the book operations would be illegal. Conspiring to influence the inside of the US by leveraging foreign intelligence agencies would be illegal. Conspiring to use foreign intelligence agencies to spy inside the US would be illegal
To change the law so as to not allow government officials to be dual passport holders. Their allegiance must be to America, not to foreign interests. Dual passport holders would be immediately fired.
To breakup corporate control of the US media. During the 1990’s the two major establishment parties and the president consolidated the then most diverse media in the world to a small number of very powerful elite controlled corporate entities. Those elites support the military spending and focus that is propagandizing (fear and hate mongering) the people against their own interests and continually into foreign and unnecessary wars.
Reinstate Glass–Steagall legislation that was repealed in the late 1990's by Clinton and the republicans and democrats in Congress which since then has resulted in massive corruption of the banking and financial services industries.
Limit senators and representatives to a limit of two terms. This will help to eliminate career politicians and return the Congress to the ideal of the founders: to have citizen senators and representatives that come out of the people and return to the people.
United we can win
The goal is not to define domestic issues or solutions - the goal is to end the elite’s corruption of Congress and massive unnecessary spending on the military that will not allow us to have the open national discussion on domestic issues.
The establishment will try to divide the people on domestic issues but the movement must not focus on domestic issues so there is no domestic hook for them to use. They will probably go extreme on fear and hate mongering to control the people.
The capture of the US by local and foreign elites and their wars, false flags, secret operations, election interfering, corruption, and military spending must first be corrected otherwise the US will drift on domestic issues going nowhere and into greater failure.
It will take all our effort and we will be up against a massively funded propaganda machine. We must not allow them to deflect us into partisan domestic issues. That is how they keep us under control. It’s called Divide and Conquer. The establishment uses the two-party system for that purpose.
Many of the partisans on the left and right have invested much of their identity and prestige into their point of view. They are not being asked to abandon that but to realize that the current advance into greater failure and crisis gives us no other option other than to fall back onto our intrinsic human ability to relate. Separated we are weak and divided and the establishment uses it against us. An alliance gives us the best possibility to overcome the elites and their control. When successful then an open and vigorous national discussion can take place on the pressing domestic issues and the excuse that funding is not available will collapse.
First things first
There is really no other choice. By defeating elite control of national defense and foreign policy we can defeat elite control of domestic policy. If we continue on our separate ways then we are implicitly signing on and supporting the status quo of the establishment no matter how we try to justify our acting separately.
Lots of questions remain: how to organize, how to use the internet, etc. For now I’m stopping here.
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